Scrappy-Doo Offer

Get the chance to book your next stay and enjoy Venice together with your beloved pet (dogs only)!

We shall provide a dog-bed, a blanket, cookies, food & water bowls and pads.

Only some room types are available and restrictions apply:

  • The hotel accepts only dogs weighing not more than 8 kg – 18 lbs.
  • The room assigned will be preferably without fitted carpet.
  • Each room cannot accommodate more than one dog
  • The dog must be trained and properly cared for by the guest.
  • The dog must meet the requirements imposed by local laws.
  • The dog must be kept at all times on the leash if inside the hotel premises unless it is in the room.
  • The dog must not be left unguarded. If the guest requires a dog sitter, he/she must contact the reception in advance.
  • The dog cannot enter the breakfast area.
  • The dog is welcome in our Bar “Oasi d’Oriente”
  • Guests are responsible for the “poo” cleaning of their dogs inside and outside of the hotel.
  • Any inconvenience, like barking, must be reduced to a minimum so that the other guests are not disturbed.
  • Guests are responsible for any damaged materials and/or injuries caused by their dog.