Claudio Gobbi. An Atlas of Persistence

Claudio Gobbi, Turkey, Ani, Redeemer Church, 11th Century

The photographic exhibition Claudio Gobbi. An Atlas of Persistence, curated by Francesca Fabiani, for the la Direzione regionale Musei Venetoinsieme, the Central Institute for Catalog and Documentation (ICCD) of the Ministry of Culture together with the International Galleria Internazionale d’Arte Moderna Ca’ Pesaro in collaboration with the Museo d'Arte Orientale di Venezia, presents, on the one hand, a research that investigates the iconography of the interiors of 20th century European theaters, and, on the other, a project that develops a reflection on the typological immutability of the Armenian churches scattered even outside their historical territories. While the series on theaters covers over 25 countries - from Portugal to Russia, from France to Turkey - and traces a cultural journey through space and time, from which these places emerge as constant examples of shared memory, Arménie Ville returns an album of the "always-equal" which records the archetype of Armenian churches, its dissemination beyond the Caucasian borders and its presence in the territories of modernity.

  1. Keywords: venice, photography, exhibitions, claudio gobbi,, nozio business, ca' pesaro - galleria internazionale d'arte moderna